Wollongong Family Practice offers a comprehensive range of adolescent health services


  • Healthy Lifestyle Advice (including nutrition and physical activity)
  • Discussion of High-Risk Activities (including smoking, illicit drug and alcohol consumption)
  • Management of Skin Problems (including acne, warts, eczema)
  • Sexual Health Advice (including¬†contraception, STI screening, safe sex practices, sexuality)
  • Mental Health Issues (including depression, anxiety, study stress, relationships, bullying, abuse)

Adolescence is the phase of life stretching between childhood and adulthood. During adolescence, an individual acquires the physical, cognitive, emotional and social capabilities, together with the economic resources that provide the foundation for later life health and wellbeing. Adolescence is a time of unique growth and opportunity. Good health and wellbeing in adolescence brings benefits across the life-course and into the next generation.